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How to prevent return receipt?

kopibean asked

When a person send me an email with the delivery option tick on 'Return receipt' and I receive his email.
I try to see his email through the preview pane, and this allows me to see the contents of the email and also the return receipt is being send back to sender.
How do I prevent the delivering of return receipt yet I am still able to read the person email?
ps: I am using Lotus Notes R4.6

Pls help.
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You cannot prevent the delivery of Return receipt when you open the document. But what you can do is, you can set the "ReturnReceipt" field to null. Write a small formula in the smart icon which will set null to the return receipt field and then open the document.


FIELD ReturnReceipt:="";@Success

Hope this should helps you.

- Sankar.

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