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Story server disaster recovery

Makhehlane asked
Disaster recovery of the vignette story server platform 5.0.7.

I am rebuilding the storyserver environemt after it has crashed, I have the backup of the database (sql7.0 sp3) and the backup of the inetpub for the static files.
I have rebuilded the cms and used the pmcmd command to remove the cds (live and dev) but the problem is that the was an observation manager installed, now I can't get to remove that (the is no command on the pmcdm to remove this). To top it all the cms cofiguring window does not work (it hungs everytime I open it.
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Try this :

1) remove all vignette componants (manually if needed) and install a new clean copy.
2) restore your database.



After you removed the Vignette components (including the cms). And you reinstalled the new copy. When you do the database restore the database has the entry for the "observation manager"  which will still appear as one of the installed components.
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