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viewsonic monitor ripples problem

nawab092800 asked
I have celeron 800Mhz with 815E motrherboard onboard VGA as well SIS 6326 AGP with win98SE OS. I have 15" viewsonic monitor. I observe ripples on the screen quite frequently. I have tried both AGP and onboard VGA. While trying with AGP(VGA+TV out), the ripples are seen simultaniously on TV screen. I have changed diff resolution with diff refresh rates and changed moire from monitor setting selection menu from min to max but ripples problem is still there. I have 2000W phillips 4pt speaker system has woofer 4 feet on top of monitors. is that creating this problem? is this harmful for monitor life? Has anybody faced this problem? I am looking forward for solution.
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nawab, move away the woofer and TV away from the viewsonic monitor at least 2 feet. The magnetic field of those devices are interfering.

I agree with Patricia. It sounds like magnetic interference to me as well.

The Crazy One


I have moved away all magneic material away from my monitor but ripples are still coming on the screen. please advise.


Ok try changing the resolution and the color depth from the Control Panel > Display. Play around with these settings to see if you can find one that works. The chip on the video card could be going bad but you might find a setting that works for now.

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