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Terminal Server and Batch-Files for mapping drives

MA_AD asked
I know it is not possible to use lokal drives when I connect to WTS without using CITRIX Metaframe.
Now I want use a script which is able to connet to lokal drives on the machine where the terminal client resides . How can I get the lokal machine name and the username from W95 and W2K to write a logon script which connects to the lokal drives from the WTS-Client or has somebody a complete script which I can use.
For a complete script I will give 300 points

Many thanks !!!!!

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There is a much better solution: drmapsrv and drmapclt from the W2k server resource kit with the associated .reg files. After installing the clients (and of course the server), no further action is needed. You only might need to convert the drmapclt.reg, because it is unicode and formatted as a W2k regfile.


Yes I heard about this tool, but it doesn't work with
W95 or does it ????
Sorry, we don't use W95, so I can't answer this question. I know, it works with NT4, if you change the first line of the drmapclt.reg to REGEDIT4. For W9x you have to save the .reg as simple ASCII (it written in Unicode) - and I don't know how to change the first line - to long ago that I last used W95.


I 'll try it but I think it wont 't work.
If it works you 'll get the points.

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