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Automatically changing everyones AUTOARCHIVE file location

scottbligh asked
I have been asked to create a NAL object to change ALL AutoArchive locations on ALL folders in Outlook 98 to point to the same location on ALL PC's.

I have spent some time trying to find out where this information is stored, and have come to the conclusion that it is not stored in the computers registry or any file.  I am thinking that it may be stored on the exchange server, but where?

There are some pointers in the PC's registry under HKCU that has the location of the archive PST, but changing these locations has no effect on the AutoArchive location on individual folders of the users profile.
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Each folder with a mailbox/pst file can have a different archive setting.  This information is stored as a hidden message in the folder itself.  If you are interested in writing a custom application to change each folder, see http://www.cdolive.com/archiveviewer.htm for more information.

The Tools | Options | AutoArchive settings are stored in the registry, but are undocumented.


Cheers Neo

I have written a custom application that logs on as each user in turn, and walks down their folder tree checking the path of the AutoArchive file.  It has seach and replace capabilities, and works very fast.

Thanks for the initial pointer mate!

Scott Bligh

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