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Stored procedure in access 97

serigne asked
I have an access 97 database linked to a SQL server 7.0 database, how can I call stored procedure with parameter in access.
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Create a pass-through query.  Use standard SQL and Procedure calls in the SQL property of the query.

You can also design a function that will be universal to all stored Proc and can be used to call any one of them.

Dim intRetCode As Integer
intRetCode = RetExecuteSP("Exec sp_UpdateQTY",iODBCTimeout)
inside the function it creates a temp qry def and assigns the values.

iODBCTimeout = 0 or what ever you yant when calling the function

   Set MyQry = mydb.CreateQueryDef("")
   With MyQry
      .Connect = gcConnect  'this is a global string holding the connect string
      .ReturnsRecords = False
      .SQL = strSQL
      .ODBCTimeout = iODBCTimeout
   End With