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W2K Professional loses it's DHCP Lease

ldesandr asked
I am having a problem with a W2K professional client that keeps losing it's lease at the 50% point of the lease period. I know this is normal for DHCP but the W2K PRO client sending the DHCPREQUEST packet at the 50% does not renew itself with the specific DHCP server.

The current work around is to perform and "ipconfig /renew" on the client. This is NOT a problem with ANY other computers (NT4, WIN98, WINME, etc.) on the network.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Is this a possible service pack issue for W2K PRO?

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Have you updated this to SP2?  If not, I'd suggest that you start with that and see if the problem is fixed.
what are the desktops connected to?  Hubs or Switches?  If switches what type?


-I have not updated these machine to SP2. These two machines have been installed out of box with no service pack.
-This is not a hub or switch issue as I have about 50-75 clients connected to several hubs that are uplinked to a switch. The only problems seem to be with these two W2K PRO clients.
I think the problem is with your switch.  I get this all the time with Win2k machines.  Enabling Port Tree Fast on the ports fixes it.


Thanks for the input. There was one switch not setup for Spannning Tree. This did resolve the problem.

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