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MS Word 2000 - Document appears corrupted - Require Fix

DWB asked
I have a MS Word document that I use (update) on a regular basis.  The file is kept on a CD RW disk, which I leave in my burner. When I opened the file, all I seen was distorted characters, like the following:  ' Y?L?????p EDL?u?o??';h?Ki ?Uoa:u?x  ?žE?O? (

The majority of this file is a table, with approximately 20-25 rows.  This file holds personal information, which I stupidly have not backed-up in over several months.

I?ve reviewed all other MS Word docs on the disk, and all seem to open cleanly; is it possible that my system and CD RW disk been violated, or is this simply corrupted file?

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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Sounds like a corrupted file to me.  You can purchase a very good tool to recover Word documents.  It is at
www.wordrecovery.com   It has worked well for me.


I appreciate your help.  I tried that recovery demo, but it appears my file is beyond help; some of the info was recovered, however, the table structures were completely blown apart.

Lesson learned (again): Backup, Backup, BACKUP!

Now I?ll see just how Good/Bad my memory is. :--))



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