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unformat under win98

jogro123 asked
I've formattet a partition (Fat32) under Win98 with quickformat.
How can I unformate this partition?
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There is a program called Tiramisu.  You can find it at http://www.free-image.net/ezboard/fi_5.10.01/ffreeimagepowerofcreationhardware.showMessage-topicID=144.topic.htm about halfway down.
You can have n number of tools just search on 'www.download.com'
if you still have your os on a another partition then you can use norton utilities to unformat. other programs are also available as annu said.

note that if you formatted the partition with your os or any registered programs then your os or any of your programs will no longer be registered. they will only be stored in a directory. thus, you only get back your windows dir but it no longer serves as an OS.

remember to not write ANYTHING on that partition until you have unformatted it. you can plug the drive into another system as a slave and use the norton utilities ont the other system.

there is this program to unformat the partition whilst retain the os or any programs. i've forgotten what it's called and it doesn't work so well

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