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Wireless card profile/connection problems

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Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I have a Linksys Ether fast 4 port wireless hub hooked up to my dsl. I have a lap top with a Lucent Tech Wireless card in my lap top. I added a second config profile to try and get it to work with my wireless hub at home but nothing happens when I switch to this profile? Any ideas?
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you need the linksys card my friend!
Yep, I agree with jwc02026.  I have not seen a wireless card that will communicate with another maker's wireless access point.

Just to add my two cents to this.  I am an expert in the field of RF/Wireless networking and broadband services.  The only way you could get these to communicate is if they have an option to turn off proprietary extensions and run in straight 802.11b mode.  Wireless vendors such as Cisco have their own proprietary extensions and coding to differentiate them and for security, but these can be disabled to run compatible with other vendors.  This may or may not be an option, depending on the make/model you're using.



What model card is it exactly?  The one card I have not had any trouble with and seems to be the best and give the best range on the client end is the Orinoco card.  We have it connected to a Cisco and witha  different profile to a Buffalo.  Another co-worker had it connected to the Linksys.  It seems to offer better range than the others as well.  We had the buffalo client card and the Orinoco goes at least twice as far.  We use the Orinoco Silver which gives you 64 bit WEP but the Gold does 128 WEP if you need that much security.

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Just to update this question for 2003:

With the new standards in place cards should work between makers with few problems - however, you do have to make sure the cards are using the same standard as the wireless access point (e.g. 802.11b as opposed to 802.11a).

One thing to note however is that you won't likely get support from one manufacturer in connecting with a different manufacturers hardware.

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