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Force use of printer input tray.

jvieira asked

I have a HP8150 which has multiple input trays.  I want to know if there is a way to force users to
use tray1.  What I want to do is put regular blank paper in the first tray and letterhead paper in the
second tray.  Then on my print server (WinNT 4.0).  I can setup two logical printers one for users who
only need to print on blank white paper and those who need to print on the letter head.  Also make the
ability to switch to either tray impossible by the user, unless they switch logical printer.


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It may be possible to create a separator file which contains the PCL command to switch the default paper tray.

Then, on each instance of the printer on the server, you could specify the appropriate separator file for the respective paper tray.

Then, on the workstations, install a compatible driver for a printer which does not have multiple trays, for example, "LaserJet 4". That way, the user will not have the option to switch trays, but with a compatible printer language, the prints will still work.

The only problem is, there may not be a PCL command which makes the setting permanent. You would need to consult the printer's technical manual to determine what commands are available. Or you could just print a blank page to a file after making the appropriate settings under "document defaults" and try using that.

Good luck


yes there is...the commands for changing the printer defaults all start with "@PJL DEFAULT" instead of "@PJL SET".


for more info see

this article is the closest I could find....although its for a stacker the idea is the same.

also if the workstations are NT, you must install the older driver on the server, not the workstations...the seperator pages will still work. If this is not feasible, you may also install "local" printers on the workstations, specifying a LOCAL port of "\\server\printer".


whoops.."OUTBIN" is not what you're looking for.

as far as I can tell, @PJL commands are not used for paper source..escape commands are.


may help


Do I put these commands in the seperator page?  Is there anyway to do this with out using the seperator page.  I hat wasting paper and the seperator page is a waste of paper.

What if I'm using the postscript drivers?


A separator page consisting of only escape commands should not cause anything to be printed. They should work with both PCL and Postscript drivers. The link I posted explains how to use the EDIT utility to create them, forget about using a blank document.

The only thing is, I still can't be 100% sure that the paper tray selection won't be overridden by the print job. I beleive it will work with an older driver, which, by not having the tray selection in the first place, won't put any code in the print job to switch it back. You may need to try a few different drivers until you get the results you need...

If only I could be sure there were an "@PJL DEFAULT..." command for this, that would nail it..but I found no such reference on the web site. They do offer to sell you the technical manual (on CD) that explains all the commands.

Do you really want to deny access to certain trays, or stop people from accidently printing on the wrong paper?  


I want to stop people from printing to the wrong tray.


I added the command to the seperator page.  The settings were overwritten by the print job.

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