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MSIE "new windows" open tiny

Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas asked
For some reason, recently whenever I "Open in New Window" from MSIE (5.5) or whenever a link automatically does this, the new window is extremely tiny. Nothing more than a title-bar, just big enough for the Min/Max/Close buttons.  I have to Maximize it to see anything.  Nothing I do will stop this behaviour.  Usually, whenever you close or shift-close a browser window, the window size settings are saved.  Not any more.  How do I make the new windows open a reasonable size?
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Hmm; at first sight it looks familiar 2 me.

Something to try out before I go crawling into the registry is this:

* Close ALL explorer windows
* Start MSIE by clicking the link on the desktop (or the startmenu)
* If it opens maximized, doubleclick the titlebar
* The window should now resize to the size you get when opening a new window or clicking a link that opens a new window.
* Resize the window to the desired width/height
* Doublick (maximize) the window again and close it afterwards
* Test your new setting be re-opening explorer and clicking some links that open in a new window.

Should this not solve your problem, let me know, and we'll take a journey in the registry :-)


Many solutions to choose from. I don't recommend running 3rd party apps, but if that's the only way:

If you're running in 1024x768 screen area, type this into the browser window:

If you're running 800x600, type:

When the windows opens, drag the borders, top, right, bottom, and left to the size you want (almost filling the entire screen). DO NOT use the maximize button.

Now choose File>Close, DO NOT use the X in the top right corner. Go back to the page you just opened the new one from, choose View>Refresh and now click the link again, it should open to the size that you just closed it from.

Reset New Browser Window Size
Sometimes Internet Explorer 5 "decides" to remember the wrong size for a new window. Whatever you do, you can't seem to get it to remember a normal size.

Backup the registry and/or export the following keys:
go to Start>Run, type regedit. Navigate to:

Delete the value Window_Placement
Exit the Registry Editor

AutoSizer automatically resizes any window you specify. For instance, some web browsers open up in a non-maximized window. Using AutoSizer, you can set those windows to automatically maximize every time they?re opened. It works with almost any program, including web browsers, Notepad, etc. AutoSizer stays running in the System Tray (next to the time), so it stays out of your way while it works.

Holding down the CTRL key, drag the lower right corner to size the window the way you want it, let  go of the mouse button and the CTRL key. Hold down the CTRL key again and click on the icon in the upper  left corner(above "File"), continue to hold down the CTRL key and click  "Close".

Where do U come up with this ravt?


Ramses,   Sorry it took so long to respond.  I've been travelling.  Abroad, if you can believe it!  Anyway, your simple solution did the trick.  Thanks so much.  And thanks to others who offered alternate solutions.  BT

Glad we could help!
Thanks, that helped me too. Just the simple ticket.

the more simple things often do the trick.

Kind regards


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