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water ripple effect.

I'm trying to do a flash movie. There will be a black background... with a leaf in the top left corner. a water drop will periodically fall from the leaf, into a pool of water, which contains text. Every time the water drop hits the pool and creates a ripple, i want the text to change. Get me? can anyone help me create this ripple effect?
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i have most graphic design tools to play with.
There is a tutorial on how to do that with Freehand and Flash:


thanx, i tried the one from flash kit b4, it looks a bit unrealistic i think. But the freehandsource one looks better, I'm going to try that. :) thanx a bunch. here's your points, don't spend them all in the one shop. :)
glad I could help. Thanks for the grade :-)


no probs. Don't suppose you'd know how to do a water drop That i could make fall into this pool? ...you know, the one i want to run down the leaf and splosh into the pool. Or perhaps u know of a good tutorial on the web?

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