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Admin over Internet

936113311 asked
I wonder if there is a way to connect to another computer over the internet, and have administrator priveliges on the client? I would like to do this as I have been asked if I can provide computer support over distance. Both systems run Windows 2000 Professional. I've heard of GoToMyPC (gotomypc.com), but in order to gain greater access I would need the corporate account, which involves excessive cost considering my task. I have also heard of a system called Ghost(?) which would enable an admin to monitor the client system, but I'm not sure what this is.
Anyone with any good ideas?

Thanks a lot.
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LapLink and/or PCAnywhere would probably work because you you setup user names and passwords with these that log onto the machine you are connecting to.

The Crazy One

Could you possibly get them to setup a Virtual Private Network for you?

You can try Remote Anything from www.trw-industries.com. Its free for a thirty day trial and works really well for me over the net. Very easy to configure.

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Well the cheapest way is to setup RAS.

pcAnywhere is real easy to install. If you are going to install pcAnywhere I suggest you install 10.0 because 9.2 requires you download a special file so 9.2 can work properly in Windows2k. Enjoy.

install vnc on both maschines and let them run as service
then u are able to log in to the session at the login mask and u are able to login as administrator into the session

vnc is running as host before the client is logged in


Maybe an old topic by now. Deletion requested.

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