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apple script.

Marine asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-26
i have a friend who needs a script which connects though pop3 protocol to aol mail server and retrieves email messages. Is this possible using apple script? I'll double the points for the answer.
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No. If you want to connect to AOL to retrieve mail, you need to either use the AOL software or dial up to another ISP and use www.aol.com to get your mail.

There is no other way.

You COULD write an applescript that would TELL your AOL mail client to go retreive mail but applescript cannot deal with protocols and such on its own without a "scripting addition" which, for mail protocols, may or may not exist yet. So yes, it could be done, but it would require an extensive knowledge of applescript and scripting additions.

The AOL mail client is part of the AOL software... and that feature is already built into it. ;-)

But without the AOL software -- no way. You can't get in without it.

I dont know whether the AOL client is applescriptable but assuming it is you can tell it to get mail with an applescript.

And as long as you know the protocols and impliment them in a Scripting Addition you could get your mail without the AOL client. But dont expect AOL to be happy about that nor will it be especially easy without a tool such as EtherPeek to show you exactly what is being sent when you do a mail check with the client.

If you are looking to setup AOL to automatically download email
===go to Keyword: auto aol===
for step by step instructions on how to setup.

You can
===go to Keyword: help===
or http://helpinteractive.aol.com/initmac.html for assistance with tech issues.

You say, Does AOL support Outlook Express?
AOL says, Not currently we don't :(  
You say, so you don't provide access via pop3?
AOL says, Correct or using SMTP  
You say, Thank You!
AOL says, You're welcome. I'm glad I could help!  

The long discontinued 'Claris Emailer' had support for AOL mail.  Version 1 was freeware for a while so it might be available for download somewhere.  

I cannot remember if it was scriptable though...
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