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Image within option tag?

idalton asked
I want to be able to put a (gif or ico) next to my text on a option tag.  I have fooled around with it and can't get the gif to show up next to the option text.  Basically I want my listbox to look like the address book in outlook with the globals next to peoples names.

With the option example below where in there would I put the img tag to get it to show next to the text in the listbox on the web.
<select name="cboCompany" size="9">
<option value="Hello">"Test"</option>
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You can't have an image in an dropdown. Text only.

If you want an image *next* to a dropdown list (and only ONE, unless you do a mouseover), put it AFTER the closing select tag.

Or put it before, and set the align on the image to what you want.

ONe more thing... ico won't work on a web page.

Thanks for the A! ;-)

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