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X randomly exiting

slyph asked
I have done a couple of searches on this, but I haven't found a conclusive answer, so here goes.  I have a (fairly) stock RH7.1 installed and, every once in a while, X simply shuts down and takes me back to the gdm login screen.  I get the following message in my /var/log/messages:

Oct  4 23:59:26 gaea gnome-name-server[1051]: input condition is: 0x11, exiting

The people that I have come across that have the same problems said to kill xscreensaver, and that should fix the problem.  I killed xscreensaver, and it worked for about a week.  I have not since changed any of the config files in that week, but suddenly my X is exiting randomly again, about once a day.  I am not doing anything common between exits, sometimes I just ocme back to my computer and find that I am at the gdm prompt again.  Any ideas?

System config:
-Dual PIII 600
-Kernel 2.4.2 (smp)
-TNT 2
-XFree86 4.0.3-5
-Gnome 1.2.4-16
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> .. I am at the gdm prompt again
Are you shure that this is not caused by an autologout configuration?

Can you find a core file somewhere


How would I find out about the autologout configuration?  I haven't heard of that before.  Anyway, I have the following cores:

[root@gaea /]# find . -name core

I don't think that any of those have anything to do with this.

Like I said, I have found a couple of other people asking about this on the web, but no conclusive answers.
these cores are ok ;-)
I suggest to search with
   find / -name core.\*
   find / -name \*.core
(some kernels are configured to write the core file as <name of application>.core or alike)

About the autologout: the most common way to define it would be the screensaver/screenlock funktionality of your desktop.


Nope, all of those cores happened to be images or header fiels and such.  And I currently don't have a screensvaer running.  I guess RH7.1 defaults to xscreensaver, which I have turned off, and I have apm blanking the monitor after 30 minutes.  Which I find kind of odd, since apm is supposed to have quite a bit of trouble with smp.  I am currently using the stock smp kernel.  But otherwise, no, I couldn't find any sort of autologout config with xscreensaver.
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Thanks for trying.  Just closing the question.

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