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Download problems

Jeff_2 asked
Having some troubles downloading files from the internet.

It seems that from some websites everything works fine, but
from other sites, the download will reach a certain point and then
stall, refusing to complete the download.

I have tried using FTP, curl, and wget, all with same results.
Two different ISP's, same problem with both of them.

I have a dual-boot system (Win98 / SuSE 7.1) and I can download
the same files from Windows with no problem.

Oddly enough, one of the sites I have problems with is SuSE's ftp server.

It seems strange that Windows will download a file from SuSE's site,
but I cannot get the same file from SuSE Linux!

Anyone have any ideas???
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Can you identify the way you are connected to the internet and maybe some details about the equipment you are using ?
For example, are you dialing up ? using cablemodem ? or something else?

I had a similar problem when dialing up in that the modem speed was to high for the line quality. Somehow the default windows setup is more conservative than my own bold 56k settings. Hence, after dialing up transfers worked for a while and then died.



Yes, that did it !

I changed the "115200" in my connect script to "57600"
and everything is working great now.

To test it out, I downloaded a 20 MB file from "ftp.suse.com
and a couple of other things from different sites -
with no stalling at all.

Thank you !!!

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