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can you dual boot between win2k server and winxp pro?

cooljam23 asked
The question says it all, can you dual boot between win2k server and winxp pro? If possible can you explain on how to.

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Yes.  Start with your W2K and then insert your XP installation CD.  When the XP installer starts choose a NEW INSTALLATION instead of upgrade.  Then you'll have the NTLDR boot time menu show up and ask which OS you want to boot.
Yes, you can but it depends on your configuration of computer.

Is it a brand new computer or has it already some OS there?

You can list our your configuration of computer, the hardisks and/or partitions.


Why does it depend on the configuration of your computer?  As long as there is room for the new OS on an existing partition, it will work.
;o)    Looking forward to hear Cool's information!

Yes Cool you can, but each OS should be on its own partition though.

Go here: http://www.dewassoc.com/kbase/

Select dual and Multi-booting in the menu and on the page itself scroll down to " Dual Booting Windows 2000 and Windows XP"


>>Yes Cool you can, but each OS should be on its own partition though.

Maybe but it's certainly not necessary.

Geeez Joe, I would have expected that from nearly anyone else, but not you!


Ok, i went to the page that Dennis posted and it says that you should install the os on seperate partitions.   I'm abit confused.
winxp pro on one partition and win2k server on another partition. Not quite certain why there are any confusion.

Cool, can you elaborate your computer's status?  

Just put one example here of mine here.

WinMe is in FAT32 at the First Primary partition as C drive.
Windows 2000 Pro (either FAT32 or NTFS) at the Second partiton as D drive.
Windows 2000 server (NTFS) at the third partition as E drive.
Windows XP pro is installed in a new partition as F drive.

If there is no new partition, make certain there is unallocated space in the hard disk and WinXP is installed in the unallocated space during its setup as a new partition using your assigned drive letter e.g. G drive.
If there is no new partition and no unallocated space, you may need to delete existing partition or use Partition Magic to reallocate the space so as to free up one new partition or some unallocated space for WinXP.

WinXP can be either in FAT32 or in NTFS. It is suggested to make it FAT32 first.

Sometimes, you may leave some unallocated space for your Dos OS.

Hope that helps.

Patricia / pslh

Above dual boot of Win2Kserver and WinXP is for testing. In such a combination, you will waste the license as WinXP has a strict control on license activation.


I agree "P", Cool, where are you?

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