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Ideal port for a chat application

mrk_raj asked
I have created a chat application in which can send and receive text through the port 10. Is that port reserved for any other application?.

Which port should I use?
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It's not safe to use ports below 1024 (?).
Just to be on the safe side, use port numbers above 1024.


I agree with >1024. Make also your app configurable, in case you run into some other app using exactly your favorite number above 1024 :)

When I make TCPIP apps I always use ports above 30000.

You can check the services file in:


There all registered service ports of installed applications should be mentioned.

With a chat program the problem is that all chatters should be on the same port. The problem is often solved by using port negociation. You set up a port say 31845 on which all clients initially connect. In the negotiation protocol you tell the client on which port to connect. Sometimes the client is given a few options. The server then runs a few "proxy" ports. Having the main communication on one port and proxying some communiction to the other ports.

Regards Jacco

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