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FIC VA-503+ motherboard w award bios hangs at verifying dmi pool data

rrrnelson asked
I have a brand new FIC VA-503+ motherboard with latest edition number 1.2a  E-O037 and an AMD K6II 500 Mghz processor.  The system has an Award BIOS. After several different attempts and adjustments the system continues to hang upon startup.  Memory check is ok with 4 simms (32 meg each), the system recognizes floppy disk, hard drives, and DVDrom/CD, but then proceeds to "verifying dmi pool data" and freezes so that keyboard and alt/control/delete reboot is inactive.

I see many posts on the internet telling of similar problems with Award BIOS.  The most troubling implies that the BIOS chip needs to be replaced.  If that is the case I will go back to Directron.com where this was purchased and get a refund.

I am interested in any workable solutions presented with the exception of replacing the chip.
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First off, I suggest that you never use the "Back" button on your browser after posting... as you can see, it causes a mess...

As far as your system is concerned:

With power off, try stripping all connected devices off, leaving  only your video card, one memory module (or pair, if that is what your system needs), monitor, and keyboard connected. Follow your m/b manual's steps for clearing the CMOS (usually by battery removal and/or shorting a jumper). Power up, and go through setting the time and setting the values to none (if any settings remain) for your hard drives, floppy etc. Restart. The system boot should proceed to point of an error message (due to lack of drives).
If you still have a lock-up, then odds are it is your motherboard (sorry). Final confirmation can be had by swapping memory around in different combinations to eliminate possibility of one bad module. It's also possible that your video card is messing up, but unlikely.

If the lockup is gone, add back floppy drive, and try to boot to a DOS prompt. (Idea is that if there's a bad component, it'll show up in this test.) Repeat for each device until you get either a known bad device or (hopefully) you are able to get system fully assembled.

Let us know how it goes...

I have deleted and refunded the other 8 duplicate questions.  How would you like to handle the 2 that have posts from experts in them.

Thank you
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Roscoe, Road Warrior and Computer101:   I had already tried the method described of stripping all connected devices except video card, and different patterns of memory modules and with the monitor, and keyboard connected and clearing the CMOS.  This still resulted in the DMI error message and freeze up.  At this point it is not worth it for me to continue.  I am returning everything to the vendor since I've only had it a few days.  Sorry for your trouble.  I agree to award 25 points each to Roscoe and Road Warrior for the effort.

Thanks rrnelson... one point to remember is that this is probably just a sample defect. If it was a local vendor, I would have suggested a swap and in-store demo to ensure that the problem wasn't due to a bad production run... As it is, I suggest an exchange with another brand of board...

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