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FIC VA-503+ motherboard w award bios hangs at verifying dmi pool data

rrrnelson asked
I have a brand new FIC VA-503+ motherboard with latest edition number 1.2a  E-O037 and an AMD K6II 500 Mghz processor.  The system has an Award BIOS. After several different attempts and adjustments the system continues to hang upon startup.  Memory check is ok with 4 simms (32 meg each), the system recognizes floppy disk, hard drives, and DVDrom/CD, but then proceeds to "verifying dmi pool data" and freezes so that keyboard and alt/control/delete reboot is inactive.

I see many posts on the internet telling of similar problems with Award BIOS.  The most troubling implies that the BIOS chip needs to be replaced.  If that is the case I will go back to Directron.com where this was purchased and get a refund.

I am interested in any workable solutions presented with the exception of replacing the chip.
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1) reset CMOS with onboard jumper
2) Go onto BIOS setup again and set everything to autodetect. Check you have boot from floppy enabled.
3) boot it with a boot floppy.

Get past there now? Good, check your HDD, can you change drives to it after a floppy boot. Yes > check for system files and active partition, try booting from it. No > can fdisk see it? Yes > partition and format as necessary, install system. No > check all cables twice or three times, have a friend help, check correct master/slave settings on hdd, found a problem? > Yes, try booting again or return to fdisk step. No > check detection by bios is correct, if so blame hdd, get that replaced.


Road Warrior

I have deleted and refunded the other 8 duplicate questions.  How would you like to handle the 2 that have posts from experts in them.

Thank you
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Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

Sounds like a bad processor to me.
I have had similar problems with older stuff.
Since the K6II is not manufactured any longer, many pulls and old stock show up. I have a K6II-333 that does everything right, but will not run anything but dos
That's an odd one scott, I'd like to play with around with one like that, since I don't quite believe it. Will it run doom or anything else that uses a 32bit dos extender?

In this case though I don't think the CPU can be blamed just yet.

Waiting for a response from you rrrnelson, I have some more suggestions if my previous ones don't get you anywhere.


Road Warrior
Switch the keyboard and mouse ports, sounds like you may have them in backwards.  I have had this same motherboard and processor and there is nothing wrong with it.  Have you tried to overclock and it did not work?  That is the only time I have ever seen issues with boards not starting, that and the wrong jumpers being set.

From http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_1217_1101,00.html
"AMD-K6?-2 Processor System Configuration Information

The AMD-K6?-2 Processor Configuration Information offers information necessary to build and operate an AMD-K6?-2 processor-based system.
Information in this area includes:

recommended motherboards

recommended thermal solutions and heatsinks
There are also tips on how to choose a quality motherboard. The motherboard selection can have a dramatic effect on the overall reliability of a PC. This section answers questions such as

Does the motherboard support the correct CPU voltage?

Does the motherboard support the correct BIOS?

Does the motherboard support the correct bus speed and clock multilplier settings?"
Go here for specific jumper settings, MAKE SURE THEY ARE RIGHT!

 Check AMDs website for proper jumper settings for this board.  

Scott stop trying to run Windows 95!
Yeah PB, That was my thought :-)   the old ios error.

Yeah but people still try to run 95 on K6-IIs and later.  I find it funny that AMD processors do not work as it was explained to me that they did not exist at the time 95 was written.  Well neither did Pentium IIIs but I can load it on to see if it works and it does, well not really ;-) because Windows 95 would never support all of my hardware.  At least not all at once in the same computer.  HAHAHAHA


Sorry about the delayed response.  I am leaving on an out of country trip today and have not had time to work on this again.  There is a good chance I will be returning this to the vendor since I have only had it a few days and it may very well be the motherboard/bios, etc.    I will be able to update everyone around Oct. 19th or so.

Sorry for this.

Hopefully thyey will exchange it for you.  That is a nice board as I recall it supported plug and play really well.  I mean that seriously as certain devices I like to run, ran without issue on my 503+.  I didn't even have to disable USB which I had had to on many socket 7 Motherboards to get all PCI slots to work.  Have a good trip.
Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

I discovered the flaw in my 333 K6II while trying to run Linux. If anything will uncover flaws in hardware, try a good Linux rescue disk.


Computer 101.  Please award 25 points to Road Warrior.   I have returned the computer since it was under warranty and I was unable to resolve the problem with any suggestions that the vendor provided.

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