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Scanjet 4200C vs 4300C

adz8 asked
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Last Modified: 2011-09-20
This is a two part questions.
1. Which one will scan faster the HP ScanJet 4200C or HP ScanJet 4300C. Also which one will have the better scanning quality.

2. I got a refurbished ScanJet 4300C because the 4200C I originally purchased had probs and they had no more in stock so they gave me the choice of a new 4200C when more came in or refurbished 4300C. I took the 4300C but there is a bit of dust under the glass. Is there a simple way of removing this, is this just something to expect.
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The 4200 and the 4300 are virtually the same.  I don't think there is any difference in performance.

The dust, however, is another matter.  If it's in the active scanning area, it will show up as a spot on your scans.  HP should have cleaned this up after refurbishing the unit.  I'd suggest that you should make them either fix or replace this because if you open it up you risk contaminating it further as well as let HP off the hook to fix it.


I wasn't sure whether I should complain or not. I will give them a call on monday.


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