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cute ftp site

jboyslkflo asked
I have a large web site I used html to design my site using cute ftp. First i am a novice, and especially with cute ftp. I have had some help from my web host. They are not available at this time, besides I get better answers from you people. My problem, my web host set up a dummy site for me to load my html pages into, for them to review, to make sure i knew what i was doing. Just before they told me they were closing down the dummy site and for e to set up a new site. I did not think much of it at the time, they gave me the IP address=,    user name=flowers,    password=flowers21, and mu url is www.boylesilkfloralsupply.com     jim boyle
   I'm short on points
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So what are you asking Jim?  How to set up your ftp settings?

<If I were you, I'd edit the question and remove the user name & password from it....you really don't want that info public.  Most of us are pretty honourable in here, but you never know who is stopping by.>
Here is a link that should help you with your ftp set up:



classylinks, Looks like i got the best, again. I tried the link you gave me. 1- the form was not the same as the one I have with cute ftp, pro, but it was close enough. I filled out the form, clk refresh, but my web site did not show up. I used the pass word and user ID that I received from my host. for my host address I used my URL "boylesilkfloralsupply" This should have done it right???      jim
The problem isn't you or Cute FTP Jim...it's them.

I can connect alright, but cannot get a directory listing.  Report this problem to your tech support.


thanks,ClassyLinks, sorry I'm Late
                    jim boyle

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