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Making a glass door in photoshop 5

DrPcKen asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
Hi, I'm trying to make realistic looking glass for an image i'm creating in photoshop.  The filters I use doesn't quite do the way I want.  is there any suggestions?

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Eye Candy 2000 has a glass filter - I think they have a demo download

Xenofex has a Shower Door filter - also a Glass effect
Try select the area you want to make the door and create a new layer on top of it. Fill the entire area with a 2% screen of white. Add a little highlight wherever you lightsource should hit the window. You can also select the door area and make it 2% larger than it reall is in a layer behind the rest of the picture, and thenn add the screen. If you want to be really detailed, make a screen of whatever would be behind the photographer and add it to the window at a low level screen (transparancy). This creates a fairly believable reflection in your window.

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