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Hp Stylus color 600 - not printing

markmchugh asked
Hi, I have a Hp Stylus color 600, which ha been working fine for a loing time. Now it is not printing. I've added new ink cartdriges, but no use. It takes the paper and appears to print, but nothing comes out. I've tried the ustilities on the software from H.P. but nothing seem to work. I am running windows 98..... any ideas?

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Can you get a test page to print?  Do you see any streaks or lines on the page?  If nothing prints in any situation then the printer is probably not communicating with the print head properly.  Trash it and get another since it is rather old.


nothing seems to print, sometimes is prints, but it si very faint. The printer is 2 years old, and has not been used very much....

If nothing prints that rules out the computer or driver.  The printer would seem to be the problem.  If it is then it is not worth fixing.  If it were within warranty it may be worth the shipping, but it would appear not to be since it is two years old.
I would guess it does not change when you try the new cartridge.  Have you tried a cleaning and alignment on the printer?  It appears so.


yes, i have tried all the allignment and nossle utilities, but still the same, sometimes i can get a very faint image. I have tried new ink cartridges, still the same......

Got me.  Mayboe someone else will have other suggestions.
The printhead on HP inkjets are on the print cartridge.  Dampen a paper towel and place the print cartridge on the damp paper towel.  Let it set for several minutes.  When you remove the cartridge from the towel you should see where it left the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue).  If you do not see any colors or are missing colors your cartridges are no good.  You can retry this procedure and leave the cartridges for about five minutes to see if the colors are displayed.  If you see the colors on the paper towel then you should not suspect the cartridge.  Uplug the printer when the print cartridges are in position to change cartridges.  You should be able to see gold colored connections where the print cartridges are installed.  Clean these with alochol or a damp cloth.  Let it dry and then reinstall the cartridges.  If this does not solve the problem, purchase a new printer.
First of all this printer does not exist !
If you have a HP it is somthing like a Deskjet 600 or whatever, if it is realy a Stylus Color 600 then it is defenitely an Epson, since both printers use a different approach, HP has the printhead built in the cartridge, Epson has it build in the machine.
Seeing what you have tested, I am almost positive that this one is an Epson, because if it where an HP the problem should have been solved by replacing the cartridge, anyway it is impossible that with a new cartridge it doesn't work and after a while faint and then again not at all.
The best advice I can give you at this point is to buy a new machine, these days a set of cartridges is nearly as expensive as a complete machine, with cartridges included.
And finally, don't forget cartridges have an expiration date, it is possible that you are using cartridges that are completely dried up.
Good luck,
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