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VB6 Command Line arugments

msali asked
Hi Experts!
I have been through MSDN and for some reason i cannot find the command line parameters for compiling my projects/group projects.

I have many Active-X dlls that make my group project at UI level and Data level.  Every time i make changes in thoes components i have to go through a series of compilations which takes long time and discourages me to make minor changes.

I plan to write a utility that will perform command line compilations of all my components.  

Can you please guide me throught the command compilations arguments that VB has so that it compilatinos can be done automatically.

I hope my question is clear.

Thanks in advance.
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You mean Conditional Compilation Arguments.
You can set those arguments a) in the Make tab of the Project/Properties dialog, b) as command line argument (vb6.exe /make MyProj.vbp /d conFrenchVersion=?1)
c) as constant in a code module.

Here's the reference:

Using Conditional Compilation
#If...Then...#Else Directive
#Const Directive
Quite simple actually...the format is

VB6.exe /Make [Your Project here]

for example, I have a project "Project1.vbp" located in "c:\source" use the following line to compile it.

VB6.EXE /Make C:\Source\Project1.VBP

obviously you'll have to make sure that the directory that the VB6.exe is located at is in the path or you'll need to give the full path to the VB6.exe as well.
Nitin SontakkeDeveloper

For complete list of command-line compilation options, give following command in vb6 directory.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98>VB6 /?

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