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Final Fantasy 7 PC

DrPcKen asked
I decided to play FF7 on my PC again after a year or so.  I use to have a Voodoo 3 3000 and it ran wonderful.  But about a week ago I installed a GeForce 2 MX 64 Meg (AGP) and in the FF settings it doesn't even allow me to use hardware acceleration, just software.  And I can't get anywhere above 640x480.  My hardware is fine, and all my other games are supurb (sp?).  Is it just the game not being compatible with such a new graphics card?

Thanks in advanced,
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FF7 was a wonderful game for PSX, but alas the PC port was only using half of the PC potential.
I had a similar problem only my chipset is the RivaTNT2. To my great relief, Eidos made a few patches for the game which are buried on their site. There is a RivaTNT graphics patch availble. Since the GeForce evolved from Riva series, it has backward compatiblity. Follow this link for more info:



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