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Where are the cookies stored in this O/S ?

duvall asked
Where are the cookies stored in this O/S ?
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Win 2000...

Win2000Pro is using IE5 in default. But you can upgrade it to higher version.
You can open control panel, internet options, or open IE-Tools-Internet Options.
General, click the settings button in Temporary Internet files.
Click the [View Files], you can see many cookies there under
E:\Documents and Settings\User profile\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

Where E is the drive of Win2000pro, and ...\User profile\... may be administrator or default users.

Moreover, an index of cookies will be stored in
E:\Documents and Settings\User profile\Cookies\

They are not stored in default windows system directory (..\WINNT\..) like Win98/Me in C:\Windows\.

Hope it helps.

Patricia / pslh
Scott, Just reviewed your other questions. Sorry to know that you're very sick in Oct01,2001.

Hope that you have been completely recovered from your sickness. Be happy too!

With best regards.

Patricia / pslh
Right click the 'Start' button and select 'Explore'.
The Windows Explorer opens up and you see under the folder 'Document and Settings'a folder called 'Cookies'.
(<drive>:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Cookies)

In this folder the Cookie files of the currently logged on user are stored.
As you can see all users have their own folder for Cookies.


And I'm better... But still have a surgery coming up.

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