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Icons disappeared in "Network and dial-up connections"

mathought asked

The problem:
When I click properties of "My network places" or when I open the "Network and dial-up connections" dialog there are no icons in there (not even the "make new connection"). This is strange because I have two Ethernet cards which are properly installed. When I run ipconfig I can see both of them and they have an I.P automatically assigned by windows. I must access their "Local Area connection" icons in "Network and dial-up connections" because I want to connect one of the to ADSL. However, as I said there are no icons...

More info:
when I press refresh the problem remains.
I used to have an ISDN card. I think that when I uninstalled it, the icons disappeared.
OS: windows 2000 professional

Any suggestions?
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mathought, Here is one of the article for your reference.
Some Network and Dial-Up Connections Icons May Be Missing

Otherwise, I would suggest remove all the adapters in device manager by uninstall and then right click the context menu to scan for hardware changes to re-install them.

Patricia / pslh
mathought,You may also go to add/remove hardware, select Uninstall/Unplug a device, Uninstall a device, checked the Show hidden devices, inspect if any ISDN or adapters with ! marks or ? marks. Select and uninstall them. OK.

After that, go to device manager and refresh devices by scan for hardware changes.

See if only two adapters are properly installed.

Patricia / pslh

Mathought, perform a repair of the Windows 2000 installation on your system. Boot to a Win98 floppy with CD Rom support if you have one, or the install floppy that came with the system. Change to the i386 directory on the CD and then type WINNT and touch enter. This will appear as though its doing an installation, but you will be asked whether you want to do a full install or a repair of the present installation, do the repair.



Thanks, this solved my problem.
I should have found it myself, though.
mathought, Glad that you've figured it out.

Can you tell me briefly what has been done so that I can make up a brief conclusion for further reference?


Patricia / pslh


The ISDN card I used installed software (called Fritz!) that replaces the Windows dialer. It adds a new "Local Area Connection icon" and whenever any site request Internet access, it dials my ISP automatically.
When I removed the ISDN card and uninstalled the software, the icons disappeared as I mentioned.

The solution was to:
   regsvr32 netshell.dll
   regsvr32 netcfgx.dll
   regsvr32 netman.dll
mathought, Thank you very much!!!  ;o)

I had the same Problem.
After Installing Fritz! ISDN Card on a Windows 2000 server all Icons in the Network and dial-up connection have disappeared.I have tried all possibilities.
The only solution was to rigister netshell.dll netcfgx.dll netman.dll.

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