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decompiling an exe

stevenglass asked
hi everyone,

can someone PLEASE tell me how i can decompress an exe file, but there is one draw back, don't know what program it was compressed with?

Any good programs that you would recommend?
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 if you open the exe with a text editor(like notepad.), you may see which compress tool was used. As far as I know lots of the exe packer insert their name in the compressed exe. This may give you a starting point.


You can't decompile delphi exe files . You can just extract the dfm file .

stevenglass, what are you talking about? Decompressing or decompiling?= These are both completely different things! The latter is limited to disassembly (useful pascal source cannot be recreated from the EXE), while the first depends on the used packer. So, please tell us more precisely.
yes it is possible for you to decompile a Delphi executable but not into fully readable
source code. Once decompiled, you are given, the procedures & functions used, the units used, a lot
of ASM code which replaces the original code, and possible string matches from the code. No one has
ever decompiled a Delphi executable back to it's original source code but there are a few programs that
do what I explained above. One such example is DeDe (Delphi Decompiler) by DaFixer. If you wish to take
a look at DeDe and other utilities like it please visit:
http://www.balbaro.com/dafixer/index.html and http://www.protools.cjb.net 

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