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who is familiar with Oracle Designer 2000?

cube60 asked
1 Which company owns Designer 2000?.
2 Is it possible to obtain a personal edition just you can obtain for oracle 7,8 and 8i versions.
3 How expensive can it be?

4 How does it differentiate from Developer 2000?

5 Is it enough to help do away with other case tools like select 6.0(for class diagrams and use case diagrams etc.

6 Is it as good as helping with the programming bits and making you forget about VB?

Much appreciation in advance


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AS far as I know Oracle own the 2 product's.

You can find some good information on the Oracle Site.

Also have a look at http://otn.oracle.com/products/designer/pdf/18584.pdf


1. Oracle

2. You can download a 30-day trial of Designer from technet.oracle.com (you need to have an account, but it is free to get one)

3. I don't know the exact price, but it will probably be in the range of $1000 - $5000 per developer.

4. Developer contains Forms, Reports, Graphics, Project Builder, etc.  These are the basic front-end development tools and are pretty much necessary any time you want to build a front-end using Oracle tools.  Designer allows you to model and build a complete database application, starting with the high-level business model and working all the way down to a schema design and front-end design.  Designer can be used to produce forms and reports (front-end tools) on it's own; however, they are normally very basic and require tweaking before being used in production.  Tweaking them requires that you use Developer.  Normally, everyone who wants to build an Oracle front-end has Developer.  Some add Designer to start off with a high-level model and create basic front-ends quickly, then improve them with Developer.

5. Designer is a case tool, allows you to version components and check in/check out components.  Developer is not a case tool.

6. Developer/Designer were made specifically for Oracle.  VB is a programming language that allows more flexibility.  If you just want to build a front-end for an Oracle database, it is probably going to be easier to use Developer/Designer than VB.  If you are creating an application that mainly relies on different ActiveX components and just uses an Oracle database every now and then, then it is probably going to be easier to use VB.  Each tool has it's advantages and disadvantages.  VB is more flexible, Developer/Designer are meant specifically for Oracle databases.

Designer 2000 is a CASE Tool, which install on Oracle server, weather personal or enterprise etc.

Designer is totaly different from Developer, in Designer you can design the database layouts and relationship and visualize the functionality of database.

you can get pricing info from oracle site.
Current version of Designer is Designer 6i Release 4. Although I hear a service pack is soon to be released again. And Oracle 9i is here.

This is not an answer but some advice. Be aware that although Deisgner is really quite useful it is still very buggy at the moment. This is particularly the case if you switch on the versioning facilities.

We use it in an enterprise environment (worldwide) but its worth knowing some limitations here.




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