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EAR file

nogasalamtak asked
How do I create .EAR file (instead of .jar, .war)?
Do I need special tools?
Do I need to download something?
can I do it from a command line?
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No need to download any tools .
this is similiar to .jar or .war file.

Add the container specific xml files if required, and add jar and war file and name it is as .ear
U can use jar syntax to ear also
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in fact,
war and ear is renamed jar..
Now has a tool named JavaJar
can compress and decompress war, ear and jar....

may download from http://www.qwerks.com/download/4114/JavaJar.zip

the tool is very good tool.
but the homepage(www.pivotonic.com) of JavaJar cannot be  accessed.

it is funny.
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