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Terminal Services!!!!

anselm asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13

We are running 1 Windows 2000 Server in our ICt Suite, there are 23PC's Connected to the network 18 running Windows 95, 3 running Windows 98, 1 Running Windows ME, and 1 Running Windows NT 4. The problem we are having is that having installed the Terminal Services Client on the Machines once connected to the server we are asked to enter our username and password we then are told that "The local policy of this system does not permit you to log on interactevly." This is the same for every user account except the administrator account. how do we enable our users to log in and run applications??

Your help would be much appreciated to this no doubt simple problem

Anselm Williams
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I assume that the server is a DC. In the DC OU GPO, you have to add "Authenticated Users" to the "Allow to log on locally" right.
Administrative Tools -> Active Directory & Users
open the tree, right-click on "Domain Controllers", select properties, tab "Group Policy", doubole-click "Default Domain Controller Policy" entry, expand Computer... -> Windows... -> Security... -> Local... -> Assign user rights
In the list scroll down and make the change mentionned above.
Close the plicy when done, and make Start -> Run -> "SECEDIT /refreshplicy machine_policy" (without quotes) to apply the new settings.

if its an domin-controler, u have to edit into active directory -> (DOMAIN) -> domain-controllers ->
rightclick -> properties -> grouppolicy -> defaultdomaincontrolerpolicy -> computerconfiguration -> windowsconfig -> securitypolicy -> localpolicy -> asigning userrights -> Allow to log on locally -> add authenticated users.

after theise steps a user is allowed to logon on every domaincontroller in the domain

if only set into the local policy it may get overwrite by the domainpolicy of the domain

DJMAD, thanks for repeating and thus confirm my comment.

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