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Removing lilo and linux

billy_98_1 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
A while ago I installed mandrake linux on my computer. I then formatted my fat32 partition, and installed win2k (i used to use win98). I then re-installed mandrake linux a bit later. I don't use linux much, andI really need the hard drive space.
I have partition magic, so I can just delete the linux partition and a 7mb "unpartitioned space" partition (that's what partition magic calls it). But I'm not sure win2k will boot properly.
I my partition has 7mb of "unpartitioned space", then 1.5gb linux, then win2k. If I delete the 7mb, and linux, and move my fat32 partition into it's place, win2k won't boot, right? So what do I do?
I found this on the microsoft site:
lilo -u /dev/hda
which does something.
Any help pls?
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1. 7 mb unallocated space is really unallocated no data is
   there its only a little bit of junk on a big harddisk
   just call it trash of big partitions which could not
   allocated. if u make one big ntfs or fat32 partition
   u allway have some space u could not use

2. u can delete the linux partition and u can move the
   fat 32 partition over the linux partition
   this is no problem.

   the only problem can be is that your win2000 is not
   booting any more


3. run a recovery setup of win2000 to rewrite
   the boot sector

the lilo -u option uninstalls lilo from the bootsector,

==>  no bootable os on /dev/hda

u have to run 2000 setup in recovery mode


If I run 2000 in recovery mode, will I lose any of my win2k install - will I have to re-install all the apps etc because it write over my current install, or will it be a case of re-writing the boot sector so that win2k will boot, but it won't touch any data on the fat32 partition?

win2k recovery mode, unlike NT, actually works.

i've got Win2K with about 20 patches, 100 applications, and Service Pack 2 downloaded from the MS website - i've run recovery mode about 5 different times (i constantly screw with my system...and break things), and each time it will only replace those files which are essential to getting the system up and running again. it has never uninstalled a patch, unregistered a .dll, or removed a service pack or application.

on my system i also run about 10 times the recoverymode,

the recoverymode only fixes errors which are found

it should not overwrite things are not bad


Thanks, now I can re-gain my hd space. :)

no problem

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