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d2k not connecting with database

jyotipandita asked
I have a win 98 operating system , I have installed oracle8 personal edition .It worked fine.Then I installed developer2000(form5 and report3), That was also installed fine.But I am facing problem in connecting developer with database.If I connect Sql 8  with scott/tiger that gets connected, but if I try to Connect SQL 3.3 OR try to open forms wizard that does not respond, I had to cancel that going into task manager by clicking end task.Please suggest hoe to rectify this problem.
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This is a generic advise I collected for a year answering to this kind of questions.
About connection between Personal Oracle and Forms 6 look at

You can use the "Oracle Net 8 assistant", "Oracle Net 8 Easy config" to see if you have the appropriate entry to the server in the local tnsnames.ora file (find it!). I mean that one in the Client or Forms&Reports home, not that one in the Oracle_Home.
Under local I mean the file tnsnames.ora  in your application, not at the Oracle Server - this is a common mistake.

You have to have there an entry like:

REKS816.RILA.us =
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = bigbluenew.rila.us)(PORT = 1521))
      (SERVICE_NAME = REKS816)

Be aware that in old versions of Oracle instead of SERVICE_NAME you have to use SID. So (SERVICE_NAME = REKS816)will be (SID = REKS816)
It is a bad practice, but you can add such entry using simple text editor. But before that make a copy of tnsnames.ora in order to restore it if you do not succeed.

After that go to "control panel" and run "services".
Look at your Oracle_Home_TNSlistener80 process. Stop it! Start it again!

If you work on Unix find the relevant processes and notions of the Unix OS.
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Oracle Server <---> Developer 6i:
Oracle Developer6i and the Oracle8i database require separate Oracle home directories.
Even if you configure SQL*net (Net8) in the Oracle home that your database Oracle server uses, so that you can connect via SQL*Plus, that does not allow Developer2000 to connectsuccessfuly to the Oracle server.  You also need to configure SQL*Net (in tnsnames.ora file) in the
Oracle home for Developer2000.  You can do that either using the GUI tools, or to copy two files:
sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora from your 8i Oracle home to your Developer2000 Oracle home.  In your 8i
Oracle home these files are in: \Network\admin, but in your Developer2000 home they are in: \Net80\Admin. A safety measure is to save a copy of them first, before you make changes or copy other ones in. This is so because you have to keep a way for restoring the files if you make a mistake.


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