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Windows 2000 - MS Office 2000: How to point to Off.CD when patching

bryan100 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
Does anyone know of way to apply any of the office patches from a command line (or script, etc) and tell the installation to go look at a shared network CD drive for the Office disk when it wants it?

Background: MS released Security Bulletin MS01-050 which has a patch to Excel 2000.  I need to deploy this patch but have hit a 'designed' in bug/feature?. All our installations of Office were done from the same CD set locally on each PC (with a multi-user licence).  If I attempt to run this patch from a logon script or some other central method it fails as it can't find the CD - it is looking at the local drive from which it was installed.

I'm not keen on walking round all the machines and doing each one by hand. Trying to communicate to the users that if they see the window asking for the office CD then go 'browse' to such and such a location is bound to be unreliable (most of them just manage to work with their own documents let alone trying to explain browsing and network drives, etc...).

I really want to run the patch in 'quiet' mode - the users
don't need to know what's going on - should just happen during logon or similar - with no user interaction required.
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Hi Bryan,

To repoint the location of source files for Office 2000,
which is needed when applying updates/patches look at TechNet article Q267362.

Essentially, run following command:

<new source path>\setup.exe REINSTALL=ProductFiles


Is there a way that I can script this change so that it occurs during the user logon to the network?

Sure, but you might want to first verify the change the above makes to the registry on a test machine and then script the registry change to occur first and then the patch or patches you want to apply.


Okay, but I don't have a snapshot of the system before I ran the above command. Do you have an idea what the changes are to the registry? I don't need the scripting info, but I could use the registry change so I can run this and the patch in quiet mode. I'll raise the points appropriately.
I ran the same command, and from seeing what that did to the registry, you can alter the following keys (office
2000 sr1):

006799C897E\SourceList; key="LastUsedSource"; Type=REG_SZ;  value=""n;1;<new
source path>"

The <new source path> is the new location for the CD or admin installation eg.

"n;1;\\a_server\CDdrive"; 'n' above refers to a subkey called 'Net'

('m' for subkey called 'Media'); the '1' refers to entry in the subkey.

If setting value to an 'n' then you need to create a key called 'Net' (if doesn't already exist) and within it create a key called '1', type=REG_EXPAND_SZ, value=<new source path>

You can script the registry change to occur first and then the patch to run in quiet mode.


Fantastic, thanks!

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