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Change NT4 workstation computer name from script?

kb5yzi asked
Is it possible to automatically change computer name from a script for a NT 4 Workstation? I am currently using netdom(RK) to move the machine accounts from one resource domain to another. I really would like a way to change the computer name at the same time I move the machine account.


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the name of the computer is stored in


using regedit, change the name to what you want, and export this key to a .reg file, say "sysname.reg"

you will need to create a seperate .reg file for each system, you can use the same system to create them, just keep changing the value and exporting the file.

then from your script call

regedit /s sysname.reg

to import the key.


a suggestion:

if exists c:\temp\renamed.tmp goto renamed
rem... not renamed yet
regedit /s \\server\share\newnames\%computername%.reg
echo sldkflskd > c:\temp\renamed.tmp
shutdown.exe /reboot
rem..system now renamed
NETDOM /Domain:MYDOMAIN /user:adminuser password:apassword  MEMBER %computername% /JOINDOMAIN

here you could use the old computer names to name the .reg files, that way a single script could work for all systems!

Of course it would have to be a local script..but you could use a login script to distribute the scripts before you start the whole process.

Good luck


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