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Using SQLCA, Which Database & Tables Are Being Used

OmegaDevX asked
I'm a beginner in PowerBuilder 6.5 and I'm trying to find which database and tables are being used in this application.  The app has PFC and I don't know what search criteria to look for in all of these PBLs.
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If you are looking for tables and database used in this application do the follwing:

1)  In the Library painter goto the library of your application not the pfc library and find any datawindow.
2) Doubleclicked on the datawindow (If it is not a external datawindow).PB will connect to the database related to this datawindow.(Now you know the name of the database.
3) Now in the toolbar(after opening datawindow) you find the "sql" button. Clicked this button you will find the name of the table(s), from which this datawindow id build.

If you have any other further question please let me know, may we find more positive results.

Let me knw please.



Hallo OmegaDevX,

Did you find the tables and database?


Don't forget checking datastores also.

You should also check for "inline" SQL statements.  ( Yes, I thought we had grown far enough as a race of Powerbuilder developers to eradicate this ugly fungus but alas, it still does exist!  )  Inline SQL describes SQL statements that are called directly from Powerbuilder scripts (and not through datawindows or datastores...)  BTW, inline SQL is generally viewed as bad practice.  But to find them, in your library painter you can search through objects.  Search the objects for words such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.

If you just want to see what's happening on the backed without regard to where the stuff happens in the Powerbuilder code, you can always trace the database to see the transactions (ok, I know that's not what you really want...)


The answer was clear and the steps were easy to follow.  Thank you Bhatti !  I hope you stay online.  
You can reach me at tnorton@greyhound.com


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