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printer connection problem

rmcn asked
after I installed an ADSL modem and drivers my printer has lost it's connection. I have changed cables, uninstalled and reinstalled the software, phoned every tech support line for my system. Anyone else experince this problem, if so how was it rectified??
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Check BIOS settings for the printer port (LPT1 ?) It should be enabled and set to mode that printer requires (EPP or whatever). Boot to a DOS prompt and copy a small file to the printer ( e.g.: "copy autoexec.bat LPT1" without the ""). The file should print, and if so there is no physical problem, but probably resources or drivers conflicts with the modem.
I've made a few assumptions here, like MS O/S and parallell printing. Please submit more details if this is not your situation.

I am going to assume that this is a network printer, and that it was using TCP/IP, and now your TCP/IP settings have changed.

You must be on the same subnet as your print server. If necessary, add an additional IP address to your NIC which is on the same subnet.

If your ADSL modem requires your NIC to have a dynamic IP address, you may need 2 adapters.

Otherwise you can try using a different protocol to communicate with your network printer, like ipx or DLC.



it was the bios, some setting in there

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