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Mainframe Emulator/Simulator

roogi asked
Dear sir,
         I am student interested in learning mainframes
(VMS,MVS etc). I searched cnet and some other sites for a good simulator of mainframe on my Windows98 PC,but didn't get any.
  Can You suggest me some softwares for emulating mainframe commands and applications on my Win98 PC.
i.e .I wish to try out the commands and utilities of mainframe RS/390 on my PC using a software.

Please do help me out.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
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Write your own. That's the most fun.
You need to do parsers first. With others, this is so open ended, for example, cLists or TSO or JCL or assembler, the scope here is so open ended. Guess what the real S/W costs?!

But IMO writing some good parsers and syntax checking is very important to developing oneself. You can try on their language and grammar, and even generate less errors if you want, or include some bonus commands and drop support for the junkier ones while improving some through personalization, such as recognizing something exists beyond old text editors, especially concerning terminal access.

Without installing yourself several mag tapes, dasd, and printers, you'd be missing most points, issues like generation datasets. PC is not HW configured like MF, so much would need simulation and the tons of error codes would be so meaningless.

Still, there may be some work others have posted, if you are dead set on it, don't give up the wearch. Just don't think you'll be getting anything near to complete.


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