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Solaris8 setup problem on Sun Blade100 workstation

HenryChang asked
Dear All,

      Please help.  I have bought a Sun Blade100 only a day ago.  After I got it, I initial install the new solaris8 by myself.  However, after eject the disk 1 of
software, I need to insert the disk 2 of software.  I have tried many times but the blade100 said that I have placed an incorrect disk in the CDROM.  I am 100% place the correct CD but fail.  Therefore, I skip the installation of the disk 2 and documentation part.
After that, it prompts "Reboot".  But, after reboot, in OK prompt, it said that

Cannot load drv/grppm.
Cannot load the root filesystem
Type 'go' to resume.

What can I do?  Please help.

Best Regards,
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Top Expert 2005
There are three CD's in the Solaris OS distribution. The first is a 'web start' CD which can optionally be used to install Solaris. The other two CD's are maked (as I recall) as Solaris Software 1 & 2. If you used the webstart CD to install Solaris the disc that is needed to finish the installation is the third CD. Note that you can install Solaris by starting with the second CD from the set.
Hi HenryChang,
    To install Solaris on a Sun Blade , you need to have Solaris 8 release 4/01 or newer , check your CD first. if you have a older version of Solaris 8, you'll have problem to install it, and you need to ask Sun/or down load the Solaris software.

    The Solaris 8 CDs use for installation are:
     Solaris 8 Software 1 of 2 and
     Solaris 8 Software 2 of 2 CD


  I had the same problem with my Blade 100, including a broken disk :-(. There should be a CD which specifically mentions the Sun Blade. This is the only one which will work with this computer. If you don't have this, try downloading the iso's from www.Sun.com.

To be honest, I gave up eventually and installed Suse 7 for sparc :-) Works like charm now.

Hope this helps.


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