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Urgent:  Apache and IIS on Same Machine?

Danimal asked
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Last Modified: 2010-08-05
Urgent:  Need an answer asap

Is it possible to run Apache and IIS on the same machine?  If so, how does it work?

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In theory - yes.
In practise - I don't run windows so I can't try it.

Just tell one of the web servers to listen on a port other then 80 (e.g. 81).

Then you can point your browser to http://localhost/ for one server and http://localhost:81/ for the other.

The documentation for the server should explain how.
Both IIS and Apache can live on the same windows box.  However, only one server can listen on an IP:Port at a time.

You have two options.

1. If the machine you are using owns a single IP address, the servers must listen on different ports.  So your APACHE listener would be on say 80, and IIS on 8080.  Then your users would use the following URLs to access them: for APACHE for IIS

2. If the machine you are using owns multiple IP addresses, you could put each listener on its own IP address.  This would allow you to give a port 80 address to both listeners, and minimize confusion within the user community. for APACHE for IIS

So, in short, It IS possible to run both APACHE and IIS on the same Windows Machine.


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