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Two selection formula for main and subreport from vb- HOW?

pandav asked
i am using visual Basic 6 Ent Edition (SP5) and Cystal report 7. i  am sure other experts have seen similar problem.

i have a report with a subreport under the Report footer.
The problem is i have two selection formula which need to send it from visual basic dynamically.

strDate =  "{Customers.Balance} <> 0.00 and {Customers.Defaulter} = 'No' and {Payment.PaymentMonth} < DateTime( 2001 , 10 , 7 ) and  {Payment.PaymentMonth} < DateTime( 2001 , 10 , 14 )  AND {Collector.CollectorID}  = 2"

When i set the selectionformula for the main report as  
rptCrystal.SelectionFormula = strDate

And the report which is from sub report also will have a dynamic selection formula such as {Customers.Balance}<>0 and {Customers.PATO}='NP'. I can see the answers from crystal report itself.  From vb, it is NOT showing the subreport answers properly.

BUT, from visual basic, how do i set the selectionformula for main report as well as the subreport. It seems it can only take the selectionformula for the main report and not for the subreport.

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Try one of these

1. Define a variable in main report which can be passed to sub report. In the sub report, use this variable (this variable can be seen from sub)for recordselection. From VB, pass selection formula to main report. You also need to pass the public variable to main report, which will in turn pass this to sub-report for record selection. Note that the second one( sub report passable variable) should be passed as formulas(index)= ..., and not as a selection formula itself

2. Define parameters in the sub-report for record selection. From VB, pass the parameter array to the crystal control.

Raj Nambiar

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The CR object allows you to select the subreport to change

rptCrystal.SubreportToChange = "SubreportName.rpt"
rptCrystal.ReplaceSelectionFormula "{Customers.Balance}<>0
and {Customers.PATO}='NP'"

good luck
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