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monitor overrides immediately

acidia asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I have a SparcStation5 (cgsix fb), and I have the following problem with it :

It has a PC-screen, connected via an adapter, and it
_has_ worked, until now. I tried to change the screenmode
 from nvram, but seemingly it was something the monitor
cant handle. Now whenever I start the machine, the moment
the sun-logo should appear, the screen gives an 'override'
message and the screen goes out. It has an automatic
backup-system that it cuts the power when it has to handle
something it cant. Anyways I can connect the machine via
ttya and mess with the nvram, but I cannot remember what
the "#?=)"? it was, what I did when it lost the screen. I
tried to load the factory defaults etc but still it wont
give a screen. (the output-device is 'screen' on nvram)
Any hints here please?
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Yours is a GX card, so the default may be 1152x900

you might try

eeprom output-device=screen:r1152x900x66

if that doesnt fix it then it is very likely that you will find the answer here

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This might be the correct answer, as I get the same answer elsewhere. My monitor must be messed up.
Thank you for returning and finalizing this question, however I did not provide technical guidance here, others did.  Can someone please tell me to whom these points should have been awarded, so I may correct this?

Moondancer - EE Moderator
I have taken these 100 points away from  me, who did not help you here with your technical question, and gave them to the expert who did help you here.  Please do comment in the question below to correct these points to you, argo.

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