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Can't login Windows 2000 Professional.

ekrisch asked

I was running Windows 2000 Professional as domain system, and everything was working ok. For reasons too long to explain here, I changed it to run as a workgroup system. Now it aks me for a user name and password only, but when I enter them, it tells me the "System could not log you on". Does anybody know why is it doing this, and how to fix this?
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Win2000 uses domain controller user/password to authenticate when it's part of the domain, and it uses local user/password credential when it's configured as workgroup, or logon locally or safemode.

Since you already down graded it to workgroup, you should use a valid local UserID/Password pair to logon instead.

If you have no knowledge of how it was configured before you ran it as part of the domain, most likely you don't have the local system administrator's password. Your best best probably is to reinstall the system.

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The same thing happened to me today :-(

Note that it will most likely be possible for you to plug the disk into another machine as a slave drive and access the files. No need to loose all that hard work. If Administrator has been removed from the permissions lists it is supposed to be possible for an Administrator account to take ownership over the files anyhow. A local physical disk can "always be accessed".

It would be interesting to know if anyone out there have tested any of the bootable disks described in the first article or the downloadable image from the second.



I re-installed Windows 2000.

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