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Setting up a dns

nikitin asked
Hello experts!
I recently switched isp:s, now i got a adsl-provider with a static ip.
I've set up a linux box with apache, ftp etc.
I've registered a domain at namezero.com.
How do I set up a DNS on my linux box, and what do I have to do in order for the domain to be on my DNS (so I can easily add subdomains etc)?

It's ok by namezero i just have to mail them the new dns info.
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Are you setting up a PUBLIC DNS so that your IP is pointing to a WWW.####.COM name? What is the DNS for? Is the DNS for your private network?


The DNS should be public, so that my ip will be pointing at www.#######.org. I also want to be able to easily add subdomains - whatever.#####.org

Is it possible to do such thing?

Yes, very possible. Take a look at the DNS HOWTO at www.linuxdoc.org. If you are really interested in running a publicly accessible name server I _strongly_ suggest you buy/borrow 'DNS and Bind' from O'Reilly Assoc.

There are a number of security and configuration issues that you need an understanding of in order to keep things running smoothly. The first 3 or 4 chapters cover the theory and should be a quick read if you are computer savvy. Once you have this info under your belt it is quite straight forward ( but finicky ) to configure and run the nameserver.
The following files are required for the setting up of the Domain Name Server on your System.
The details required for the files are also given:
1. named.conf directory /etc
2. named.boot directory /etc
3. resolv.conf directory /etc
4. db.whatever.com directory /var/named
5. db.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx directory /var/named
6. db.127.0.0 directory /var/named
7. db.local  directory /var/named
8. db.cache directory /var/named

Please send me your mail Id than I can attach these files and send it to you.





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