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ASP.NET hangs too often

ahongens asked

I don't know where to put it (what topic) so I decided to put is in IS/ISP.

I have a problem with asp.net. I have a Win2k server SP2 running as a public webserver, hosting eight websites. Three of these websites are asp.net sites, these rest of the sites are 'normal' asp sites. Only the .net framework is installed on the webserver, not VS7. We use VS7 on another computer to develop the sites, and then we deploy these sites to the webserver.
It is a Pentium III 700, with 256MB registered memory. Besides the default software (Windows 2000 SP2, IIS5, Terminal Services in remote administration mode) there is some extra software installed: SendMail for NT 3.02, WebMaster ConferenceRoom 1.8, ColdFusion Server Pro 5.0 and Mailutilities Advanced Maillist Verifier.

The problem is that almost every day (just for the last four or five days) asp.net hangs. You request a webpage written in asp.net, and your internet explorer will show "web site found, waiting for reply" and that's it, it hangs here. 'Normal' asp pages are still running, in all sites. IISReset doesn't work, because the web service won't stop or start. Rebooting the server is the only thing that works, but this is not a long-term solution for the problem.

Nothing is written to the event logs, and I can't find anything unusual in the IIS log files. I ran the perfomance monitor, monitoring the CPU Utilization, the Physical disk/Current disk queue, the available memory and the IIS current connections (and some more), but I can't see anything unusual. I've search the knowledge base, but I can't find anything relevant, I don't even know how to define my problem!

Does anyone have an idea what a possible solution for the problem could be? Or does anyone know if I can increase the level of logging for ASP.NET?

With regards,

Angelo Hongens
MCP, Sysadmin, Webdeveloper.
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try posting a 0 point question with a link to this Q under the web development TA.

have you been able to recreate the problem...ie. isolate it to a single page hit.

from the description you gave, there are a number of possibilities.  but, it sounds like you are binding to in-process servers that are faulting..thus the inability to stop IIS.

you'll need to stop the COM+ application, or kill or debug the process on the dllhost.exe running the hung component.

if this is a binary that is built in-house have them build-in more thorough logging.  if it's a third-party component, then turn auditing on for everything, recreate the problem and try to find audit failures.
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Hopefully you've already been helped with this question, but thought you'd appreciate knowing this.  It would be great if you could bring this question to a conclusion, awarding the experts above who helped you with points or a comment to them on your status today.

WindowsUpdate has new updates for .NET users; Details follow - Microsoft .NET Framework
The .NET Framework is a new feature of Windows. Applications built using the .NET Framework are more reliable and secure. You need to install the .NET Framework only if you have software that requires it.

For more information about the .NET Framework, see http://www.microsoft.com/net. (This site is in English.)

System Requirements
The .NET Framework can be installed on the following operating systems:
Windows 98
Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)
Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)
Windows NT 4.0® (Workstation or Server) with Service Pack 6.0a
Windows 2000 with the latest service pack installed (Professional, Server, Datacenter Server, or Advanced Server)
Windows XP (Home Edition and Professional)
You must be running Internet Explorer version 5.01 or later for all installations of the .NET Framework.

To install the .NET Framework, your computer must meet or exceed the following software and hardware requirements:

Software requirements for server operating systems:
MDAC 2.6
Hardware requirements:
For computers running only a .NET Framework application, Pentium 90 mHz CPU with 32 MB memory or the minimum CPU and RAM required by the operating system, whichever is higher.
For server operating systems, Pentium 133 mHz CPU with 128 MB memory or the minimum CPU and RAM required by the operating system, whichever is higher.
Recomended software:
MDAC 2.7 is recommended.
Recommended hardware: For computers running only a .NET Framework application, Pentium 90 MHz CPU with 96 MB memory or the minimum CPU and RAM required by the operating system, whichever is higher.
For server operating systems, Pentium 133 MHz CPU with 256 MB memory or the minimum CPU and RAM required by the operating system, whichever is higher.

How to use -> Restart your computer to complete the installation. No other action is required to run .NET Framework applications. If you are developing applications using the .NET Framework, you can use the command-line compilers or you can use a development environment, such as Visual Studio .NET, that supports using the .NET Framework.

How to uninstall
To uninstall the .NET Framework: Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel (In Windows XP, click Start and then click Control Panel.).
Click Add/Remove Programs.
Click Microsoft .NET Framework (English) v1.0.3705 and then click Change/Remove.
More here  http://www.microsoft.com/net/

The .NET topic is being considered for addition to our All Topics link soon, so this may interest you as well:

EXPERTS POINTS are waiting to be claimed here:  http://www.experts-exchange.com/commspt/Q.20277028.html


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These may be helpful to you.

Internet Explorer Hangs for Five Minutes Accessing Dynamic Content in Frames (Q279745)

Windows 2000 Post-SP2 Hotfixes Have Been Repackaged to Verify the Inclusion of Previous Fixes (Q299549)

What browser and version is in use?

HOW TO: Determine the Browser Version in ASP.NET (Q311281)

You'll find additional hyperlinks within the above to help you narrow the scope.

Good luck, I believe this will help you resolve this.

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I hate to be an asshole, but try a more stable web hosting platform.
May I ask that you do one of three things.

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This question was posted in 2001. Nobody supplied a usefull answer.. Installing the .NET final version solved the problem.
PAQ'd and points refunded.  I have removed the erroneous deletion ping.  

The script has been fixed and we have always taken the stance that if someone replies, it is off the list and dealt with manually.

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just wanted to make sure it was only a bug and wasn't really gonna happen!

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