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Create Table in ADO

thimerion asked
I am using this code to create a table in Access with ADO.

Sub CreateTable()

   Dim tbl As New Table
   Dim cat As New ADOX.Catalog
   Dim colloop As ADOX.Column
   'Open the catalog.
   ' Open the Catalog.
    cat.ActiveConnection = _
      "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
      "Data Source=" & CurrentProject.Path & "\EDI Traffic Billing Temp.mdb;"
    tbl.Name = "Customer Billing TEST"

    ' Update a new Field object and append it to the Fields
    ' collection of the Customer Billing table.
    cat.Tables.Append tbl
    Dim Col0 As New ADOX.Column
    Col0.Name = "Customer"
    Col0.Type = adVarWChar
    Col0.DefinedSize = 35
    Col0.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col0
    Dim Col1 As New ADOX.Column
    Col1.Name = "Trading Partner"
    Col1.Type = adVarWChar
    Col1.DefinedSize = 35
    Col1.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col1
    Dim Col19 As New ADOX.Column
    Col19.Name = "Sender"
    Col19.Type = adVarWChar
    Col19.DefinedSize = 35
    Col19.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col19

    Dim Col2 As New ADOX.Column
    Col2.Name = "Receiver"
    Col2.Type = adVarWChar
    Col2.DefinedSize = 35
    Col2.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col2

    Dim Col3 As New ADOX.Column
    Col3.Name = "Message Type"
    Col3.Type = adVarWChar
    Col3.DefinedSize = 35
    Col3.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col3

    Dim Col4 As New ADOX.Column
    Col4.Name = "Interchange"
    Col4.Type = adInteger
    Col4.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col4
    Dim Col5 As New ADOX.Column
    Col5.Name = "Inbound Characters"
    Col5.Type = adInteger
    Col5.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col5

    Dim Col6 As New ADOX.Column
    Col6.Name = "Outbound Characters"
    Col6.Type = adInteger
    Col6.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col6
    Dim Col7 As New ADOX.Column
    Col7.Name = "Docs"
    Col7.Type = adInteger
    Col7.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col7

    Dim Col8 As New ADOX.Column
    Col8.Name = "Size"
    Col8.Type = adInteger
    Col8.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col8

    Dim Col9 As New ADOX.Column
    Col9.Name = "Cost Rate"
    Col9.Type = adDouble
    Col9.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col9

    Dim Col10 As New ADOX.Column
    Col10.Name = "Cost"
    Col10.Type = adDouble
    Col10.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col10
    Dim Col11 As New ADOX.Column
    Col11.Name = "Price Rate"
    Col11.Type = adDouble
    Col11.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col11
    Dim Col12 As New ADOX.Column
    Col12.Name = "Price"
    Col12.Type = adDouble
    Col12.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col12
    Dim Col13 As New ADOX.Column
    Col13.Name = "MS Customer"
    Col13.Type = adVarWChar
    Col13.DefinedSize = 35
    Col13.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col13
    Dim Col14 As New ADOX.Column
    Col14.Name = "Project"
    Col14.Type = adVarWChar
    Col14.DefinedSize = 35
    Col14.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col14
    Dim Col15 As New ADOX.Column
    Col15.Name = "Comms"
    Col15.Type = adVarWChar
    Col15.DefinedSize = 35
    Col15.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col15
    Dim Col16 As New ADOX.Column
    Col16.Name = "Priority"
    Col16.Type = adVarWChar
    Col16.DefinedSize = 2
    Col16.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col16
    Dim Col17 As New ADOX.Column
    Col17.Name = "EDI Comms"
    Col17.Type = adVarWChar
    Col17.DefinedSize = 35
    Col17.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col17
    Dim Col18 As New ADOX.Column
    Col18.Name = "Total Docs"
    Col18.Type = adInteger
    Col18.Attributes = adColNullable
    tbl.Columns.Append Col18
End Sub
' EndCreateTableVB

1*/ For fields Cost and Cost Rate, Price and Price Rate, I need a Double with Decimalplaces = 4.  The current code generates a field Double with DecimalPlaces = Auto.

2*/ Is there a way to create this table without each time define a new Column (Dim Col18 As New ADOX.Column)

It needs to be ADO code or VBA access code (no DAO)!!

Thanks in advance.
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On the first part, I have looked myself and can not find a way to set the Decimal Places when creating a table through code.

For the second part, you could dimension one variable and reuse it each time. Something like this:

   cat.Tables.Append tbl
   Dim Col0 As New ADOX.Column
   Col0.Name = "Customer"
   Col0.Type = adVarWChar
   Col0.DefinedSize = 35
   Col0.Attributes = adColNullable
   tbl.Columns.Append Col0
   Col0.Name = "Trading Partner"
   Col0.Type = adVarWChar
   Col0.DefinedSize = 35
   Col0.Attributes = adColNullable
   tbl.Columns.Append Col0

I believe you get the idea.




I really need a way to set

1*/ DefaultValue property
2*/ DecimalPlaces property

On my Access table using ADO...

Please experts, look any further into this.  I increased points to 120...


No answer...
Author of the Year 2009

Hi thimerion,
You've requested to delete this question, but its status has remained as 'Pending Delete' because one or more comments have been added.  Normally, the only way to fully delete such a Question is to post a message to Community Support and ask for assistance.

EE is making a one-time database sweep to purge the Pending Delete Questions automatically.  During this sweep:

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DanRollins -- EE database cleanup volunteer
I don't disagree that the question might need to be deleted. He did ask a two part question and 1/2 of it was answered.

It might be good information for someone to know that as of this time no one knows how to change the decimal places.


Thanks, I agree, so have refunded 120 points and moved this to our PAQ to benefit others.  
Moondancer - EE Moderator

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