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Acive Desktop attachment

WPurington asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Is there any way to get an active desktop added to IE 5.5 without having to go back to IE 4 and reload everything?
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It comes with windows 2000 professional.  I don't think that is the answer you were looking for but to my knowledge you have to go to ie 4 to get the active desktop on a NT 4 machine.
"The Active Desktop components are contained in a cab-file named IE4SHLNT.CAB on
the IE 4 CD-ROM. Extract all files in a temporary folder with WinZIP or
CabViewer. Right-click on the IE4SHELL.INF and choose 'install'. The
errormessage 'the file wallpaper couldn't be found' must be answered with
'skip', don't cancel the installation. After installation reboot. After reboot
the 'Start'-button won't work. Open My Computer|Control Panel|Software and
choose the entry 'Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and Internettools'. Click
'Add/Remove'. In the following window choose 'repair' and click 'OK'. After
reboot register with Start|Run 'regsvr32.exe webvw.dll' the webvw.dll new."
I tried this on a PC and it works. But remember the Active Desktop needs a lot
of resources.


Sorry this took so long. I had previously accepted Markham's answer but the site was having some transmission problems during that time and it must not have gotten tghrough to confirm.

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